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What is Strom Sports HydraMAX?

Strom Sports Nutrition Hydramax has been designed as a unique tool to maintain hydration levels and combat the lower back “pumps” that can plague all athletes particularly those in a strength phase.

How does help keep hydration optimal?

The combination of coconut water providing natural mineral balance and hydration combined with the dandelion extract and vitamin c ensure optimal fluid levels where we want them.

Taurine is an excellent osmolyte that holds fluid within a muscle cell giving it the potential to improve performance and endurance from the first serving. 

Cranberry juice extract has long been held in strong regard for its ability to help with healthy urine flow as well as being a fantastic natural antioxidant.

What are the key features of HydraMAX

  • TAURINE 5000mg
  • COCONUT WATER 2000mg
  • DANDELION 200mg

Customer Reviews

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Richard Wilkin
A honest product

Ok so normally I look at these kinda things as a placebo however the lower back pumps I get are enough to prevent me walking out the gym some days. My coach recommended I try hydramax and see if it helps so I did because nothing to loose I was skeptical but I mixed in with my pre workout and got on with training I finished my whole workout and it wasn't until I got off the treadmil right at the end that I had the dullest ache in my lower back so I was able to leave in comfort and really notice the difference it made and for that I couldn't be happier I'd recommend trying it to anyone with lower back pump issues. Great product I have cherry flavour and mixes well with pre.